Paradise Alaska Country Inn & RV Rentals

Paradise Alaska
Country Inn & RV Rentals

P.O. Box 1242
Palmer, Alaska 99645

Average Daylight Hours & Temperature (°F)

April - 15.5 hours/41°

May - 18.7 hours/59°

June - 20.9 hours/70°

July - 20.7 hours/72°

Aug. - 16.3 hours/66°

Sept. - 12.8 hours/55°

Welcome to Paradise Alaska, where your perfect vacation begins. Here is where memories are made for a lifetime. The spirit of Alaska becomes a part of you forever. This over generous state may cause you to return several times in order to take in its vast beauty.

Once you have arrived in the 49th state, just relax, and enjoy a comfortable ride in our shuttle to the Country Inn that is conveniently located in Palmer the heart of the Matanuska Valley, just 45 miles north from Ted Stevens International Airport, Anchorage. When you arrive, you will be greeted by friendly faces, private accommodations and an unrestricted view of Pioneer Peak.

The small town of Palmer is world renown for its giant record breaking vegetables, farm land, mountain views, streams full of fish, and the Alaska State Fair. That takes place yearly at the end of August.

As you scroll through our website, you will discover that we provide several opportunities to customize your Alaskan adventure. As a guest of Paradise Alaska, you may book a room and rent a recreational vehicle. This is the year for you to escape to Alaska!

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